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Founded in 2000, Webhelp Medica is a true pioneer in the use of digital healthcare and has rapidly grown by deploying innovative operational solutions aiming to improve the relationship between major healthcare players (manufacturers, hospitals and payers) and healthcare professional and patients.

Webhelp Medica has been designing and implementing numerous patient programs and sales & promotion campaigns with a strong track-record of success in both patients’ lives improvement and return on investment. We currently work with 90% of the 30 largest pharmaceutical companies, some leading medtech companies, hospitals, and public health organizations.

Part of the Webhelp Group, one of the global leaders in customer experience and business process outsourcing, Webhelp Medica is able to cover all European countries and aims to become the European leader in healthcare customer relations through the development of a full range of outsourcing solutions recognized for their quality and innovation by the healthcare sector.

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Everyone's contribution is everyone's success!
Being respectful of our employees and our customers is our credo!
United we are proud of our victories!
Commitment means keeping our promises to our employees and our customers!
Satisfying your needs, creating surprises and excelling are our driving forces!

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