Nursing will always have a central place in the patient care pathway.

Nurses provide preventive, curative or palliative care to improve the health of patients and their well-being. The profession, which requires rigour and vigilance, can be exercised in different forms: at the hospital alongside medical teams, in private providers or as a freelancer. But what about the profession of remote nursing?

The digital and technological boom has led to the transformation of several professions and roles in the health sector are no exception. Nurses promote physical and mental health. Remote nurses train, accompany and advise patients. Their role is to provide complete and personalized care to patients throughout their treatment. Within our subsidiary Patientys by Webhelp, this function is carried out remotely.

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The profession of remote nurse

In France the role is call ‘IDE conseil’ and within Patientys by Webhelp the nursing role is approached from a new angle. A new approach to the relationship with the patient and to the nursing profession is adopted. It coordinates the patient’s care pathway through learning programs to provide better monitoring of treatment management. The main function of the remote nurse is to support the patient to become active in their treatment and with greater independence.

The remote nurse is in charge of various functions while remaining close to the core responsibility, which is the relationship with the patient. In addition to patient follow-ups, he/she will deal with administrative tasks such as managing the link between the patient and the hospital. A remote nurse coordinates the delivery or preparation of hospital treatment.

He/she is also involved in training. They can train on new medical devices, in order to take care of patients in the comfort of their home. One of the main criteria for this position is the willingness and ability to develop new skills.

Work as a nurse at Patientys by Webhelp

A multi-faceted job, being a remote nurse at Patientys by Webhelp means deepening your knowledge of several rare conditions. It is the opportunity to become an expert in your field and to be recognized as a specialist while maintaining links with patients. This is not always easy when you work in a hospital setting.

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The remote nurse helps patients referred by clinics or hospitals in order to provide better follow-up to patients with serious conditions. One of the most important roles is to maintain contact with the patient by phone, in order to assess the quality of life and medication adherence. It is therefore important to have highly developed verbal communication skills; not being face to face with the patient means the tone of the voice and the choice of words is critical for effective communication with the patient.

What skills do you need for this position?

The role of remote nurse requires all of the skills traditionally needed by a nurse. You must be attentive to patients, rigorous, vigilant, and empathetic but also autonomous and have strong teamwork skills. Remote nurses work with people from different backgrounds and skillsets including project managers, laboratory staff, pharmacists, etc.

It is also essential to be computer literate. The remote nurse will work a lot on his/her computer and needs to be proficient to work in an organised way and to meet the patient’s needs.

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What are the benefits of being a remote nurse?

The aim is to improve the overall management of the condition. The main advantage of this function is the human relationship. It allows you to create strong links with patients by providing help and listening. Being a nurse is a big responsibility. Working remotely, you will exercise autonomy in managing your work and real flexibility in schedules and the organization of tasks. At the same time, it is essential to respect the ethics of the profession.

The remote nursing profession offers a variety of activities and can offer a better professional/personal life balance. It also provides the opportunity to learn about different conditions and how to manage them. Having a constant direct link to the patient, which is an essential element, will promote continuous learning. However, choosing to practice this profession means finding the right compromise between maintaining the link with the patient and learning new knowledge and skills.

The role of remote nurse goes beyond patient care. You become more aware of wider issues than treatment plans, such as patient compliance. This allows a better understanding of the patient and their condition. The patient is therefore more reassured because he is in contact with an expert.

Our subsidiary Patientys by Webhelp, is a leader in France in the coordination of patient care pathways, and offers the profession of remote nursing. Joining us means choosing to work on future projects and in a team of nurses who will support you in your skills development. Working at Patientys by Webhelp as a remote nurse offers a whole new perspective on patient care.

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